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 Code Activators (AR/CB)

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Code Activators (AR/CB) _
PostSubject: Code Activators (AR/CB)   Code Activators (AR/CB) Icon_minitime1June 10th 2010, 12:05 pm

Action Replay Specific

Action Replay code type 0x09 gives the hacker some nice flexibility with activators. This code type gives the hacker the option of executing code when a value is not equal to the value specified. Using this attribute we can make codes that can be activated when more than one button is being pressed. The following is a list of inverted values for DS key presses.Code Activators (AR/CB) Naamloosxi

Bitwise AND is used to combine two or more buttons together. (A & B) = (FFFE & FFFD) = FFFC

Codebreaker Specific

The Codebreaker DS conditional code type cannot execute if !=. To use the activators with Codebreaker, a different set of activator values are needed.Code Activators (AR/CB) Naamloosic

Bitwise OR is used to combine two or more buttons together. (A | B) = (0001 | 0002) = 0003
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Code Activators (AR/CB)

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