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 How to make a walk through walls code

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How to make a walk through walls code _
PostSubject: How to make a walk through walls code   How to make a walk through walls code Icon_minitime1June 10th 2010, 11:33 am

Walk Through Walls Tutorail

Hacking a walk through walls code involves locating the game's clipping routines, which can often be very spread-out and embedded deep in the physics engine. This theory will focus on 3D games, but much of it can also be applied to many 2D games. 2D games simply lack a Z axis.

Locating the clipping routines may take a few different steps, depending upon the game and how it was programmed. Locating the main character's coordinates is the best place to start. Coordinates can be found with a simple 32-bit unknown search. With 3D games, there are always three coordinates named "X", "Y", and "Z". The Y coordinate is the usually easiest to find because no matter which way the character or "camera" are facing, the Y axis is always up-and-down. Reference Position Modifiers for more information on locating coordinates.

Coordinates are almost always placed in memory in order; the Y coordinate will appear between the X and Z coordinates. This idea can be exploited to locate all three coordinates after finding just one of them. Once the X and Z coordinates have been pin-pointed, these can be used to locate the clipping routines.

The second step requires a write watchpoint on either the X or Z coordinate. Choosing which coordinate to use is entirely up to the hacker, as they will typically both lead to the same routines. Setting a breakpoint on one of the coordinates will usually cause a break right away, even with the main character standing completely still. If the break-causing store instruction is disabled, sometimes additional breaks will occur. It is wise to keep a list of all addresses which cause breaks without moving, and the instruction data they contain. This makes it easy to re-enable the instruction later. As soon as there are no other breaks occuring while the main character is standing still, this step is complete.

The next step requires checking if any breaks occur while walking in an open area, without touching any walls. Most of the character control routines have already been disabled, by this point, and in most cases the main character should be "stuck" walking along only one axis. However, in a few other cases, a break will occur as soon as the main character begins to move. If this happens, the instructions causing these breaks must also be disabled. When the main character is able to glide peacefully along a single axis, the only breaks occuring should be when the main character hits a wall.

With all of the character controlling routines disabled, walking into any wall should cause a break as the physics engine is attempting to clip the character's forward movement against the wall while retaining lateral movement (to "slide" against the wall when hit at an angle). This works because most physics engines want to adjust the coordinate for clipping (the one which was disabled for standard control) separately from the standard control routines. (Note that not all games will exhibit this behavior. For such games, the clipping will be done before the standard control routines write to the coordinates.)

At this point, the first clipping routine has been located. Disabling it (either by disabling the single instruction with a NOP instruction, or by branching over the write or the entire routine if it can be done safely) should result in one of two possibilities: The character will either move through the wall, or yet another break will occur. In the case of the former, the code has been found (or at least one part for one of the two axes). For the latter, these clipping routines can be consecutively disabled, with each new routine found becoming another part of the completed code; all clipping routines must be disabled for both the X and Z axes.

That concludes the basic rundown for walk through walls codes. To recap: Locate the clipping routines by disabling the standard controlling routines. Then disable those clipping routines. Test the game with the clipping routines disabled by re-enabling all of the standard controlling routines, or simply by resetting the console with the clipping-disabling codes enabled.

Tutorail made by: Unknown
Website: http://www.bsfree.org/
Tutorail posted by: MF Tlaxcala
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How to make a walk through walls code

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