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 How to create a position modifier code

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How to create a position modifier code _
PostSubject: How to create a position modifier code   How to create a position modifier code Icon_minitime1June 10th 2010, 11:05 am

Position Modifier Tutorail

Every game uses coordinate system to position a given object or character. These coordinates are located on a set of invisible axes. Two-dimensional games use two axes, referred to as the X and Y axes.

Three dimensional games rely on three axes, referred to as the X, Y, and Z axes. The X axis is used for left/right movement, the Y axis for down/up movement, and the Z axis for near/far movement.

As an object's X coordinate increases, it is moved to the right, and vice-versa. The same rule applies for the other axes. It is important to note that these axes have nothing to do with what is shown on the game screen. For example: the Y coordinate measures an object's absolute height, as opposed to how high the object is relative to the ground. It is recommended that 32-bit searches are used for three-dimensional games if the emulator or trainer has that option, although 16-bit searches will work just as well. For two dimensional games, 16-bit searches are usually sufficient.
Identify the target object or character, preferably one whose movement can be controlled by the player. Begin an unknown value search.

Identify the target axis. Hacking with only one axis in mind is much easier than attempting to keep track of movement on multiple axes. Remember that causing a change in the character's Y coordinates requires movement to a higher position in the level, which may not be easily accessible, so choosing to hack the X or Z coordinate may be easier.
Move the character several game "feet"/"meters" to the left, right, away from the camera, or towards the camera. Perform a Different To search. It's important to move the character far enough away from the original point if doing a 16-bit search. As each coordinate is usually 32 bits in length (in three-dimensional games), it's extremely important to move the character so that the first half of the value changes. For example: 0x12345678 would need to become 0x1235789A (or higher) so that a 16-bit search registers the change and doesn't discard a potential code. This is not an issue with 32-bit searches.

Move the character in the opposite direction, keeping the above warning in mind. Perform another Different To search.
Repeat steps 3 and 4 until there is a manageable number of results, preferably less than 20 or 30.
Test each code until the target character's movement on one axis is restricted.
Now the codes for the other two axes need to be found. They will usually be in close proximity to the code that was just hacked. On some systems, one can usually find another part of the code by adding or subtracting 0x04 to or from the newly-found code's offset. The offset containing the X coordinate is usually first, followed by the Y coordinate, and then the Z coordinate. Note the existing values for the surrounding offsets and enter those as codes.
If the character is unable to move to the side or toward the game camera, then the correct code for the X or Z coordinate has most likely been found.

If the character is unable to jump, then the correct code for the Y coordinate has most likely been found.
The first 16 bits of the value are usually enough to change a character or object's position, so assign those to a code and enjoy the results.

Due to their nature, position modifiers are very easy to find usable values for. Simply view the offsets from each of the codes for the target character/object's coordinates, and apply those to the target character/object's position modifier, or a completely different object's position modifier.

Tutorail made by: Unknown
Website: http://www.bsfree.org/
Tutorail posted by: MF Tlaxcala
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How to create a position modifier code

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