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 Topic and Post Formattings

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Topic and Post Formattings _
PostSubject: Topic and Post Formattings   Topic and Post Formattings Icon_minitime1June 15th 2010, 10:23 am

Topic and Post Formattings

When you want to make a new Topic to share friendcodes, make sure you are doing that on this way:
(also for posting friendcodes into these topics!!)

1. Post into the "Nintendo DS Friendcodes" or "Nintendo Wii Friendcodes" Sections!

2. Post your title on this way "
[NDS] name game", or "[WII] name game".

3. Title of the topic color must be "Dark Blue".

4. Copy this information to the "Message body"!

Post your friendcode(s) for this game here!
Format Friencode-posting:

- Game Region
[write you own region here]

- Friendcode Owner
[write you own name here]
[and eventually a note or nickname of your game!]

- Friendcode
[write friendcode numbers here]
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Topic and Post Formattings

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